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Hi there, I’m Maciej! I work as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer for the National Health Service in the UK, and I have provided IT consulting and support to top national and international enterprises like Tesco, Argos, GAP, Dolby Digital, Hollister, and many small and medium-sized businesses.

On a daily basis, I manage IT systems that cater to over 13,000 people using Microsoft Products, PowerShell, Office 365, Linux, and many more. I’m also happy to lend my IT support skills to local small businesses in my area.

Recently, I’ve started blogging to share my knowledge and experience with others. My blog features solutions to problems I’ve faced at work and some scripts I use to automate IT management tasks.

So, if you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends and best practices, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, contact me using Contact page, or follow me on Twitter. I’m excited to connect with you and share my passion for all things IT!

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”

Henry Ford

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